Nalcor Energy Makes the Move to Visual Command Center

Recently ICI Innovations completed the migration of Nalcor Energy’s Exploration Strategy System (NESS) from Visual Fusion 6.0 to Visual Command Center 5.5. Please see our case study for the initial implementation of NESS for more information about the application. The primary driver for the migration was Visual Fusion’s reliance on Silverlight for providing a rich user experience, which frankly was the best game in town when Visual Fusion was first developed over a decade ago. With the emergence of HTML5/JavaScript as a truly viable platform for replacing Silverlight, our partner IDV Solutions, has been working hard over the past few years to replace Visual Fusion with an amazing unified product that addresses the needs of its Visual Fusion and Visual Command Center customers. Nalcor Energy particularly wanted to support mobile access and remove any barriers for the use of NESS by industry which were put up when browsers stopped their support of Silverlight. As with any migration from one technology to another, there were some issues that had to be overcome, but in the end we were able to release an improved NESS 2.0 on time and on budget. Below is the press release from Nalcor Energy, which has a link to the application, which can be used by anyone free of charge. Thank you to the great team at Nalcor Energy Oil and Gas who worked closely with us to make NESS an even bigger success for the corporation and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.